Excursions on the Pale di San Martino

Few places have the charm of the mountains Pale di San Martino. So impressive, so amazing, so different from all the others. That's why hiking in the Pale di San Martino has a very special flavor.

The excursions on the Pale di San Martino are many and suitable for everyone: there are ski lifts, huts and mountain shelters that will be the reference point along the way. Here we suggest some of the most beautiful excursions on the Pale di San Martino.

Excursions to the refuges:

Walking paths and trails lead you to the fairy-tale, to the peaks where are the shelters. After a long walk, you will enjoy a plate of steaming polenta or a mulled wine in good company. Take a trip to the Alpine Refuge Lakes Colbricon, which is located between two lakes, the Pale and the peaks of the Lagorai. Or to the Alpine Refuge Pedrotti alla Rosetta, in a splendid panoramic position on the plateau of the Pale di San Martino.

Excursions on the pastures:

These are the easiest and most relaxing excursions. Walking hand in hand through houses and wooden huts, barns, cows and goats, is a real pleasure. We recommend excursions on the Cavallazza, the Ronzi meadows, the Church of San Silvestro and to the ruins of the village of Pralongo mine.

Excursions to lakes and pastures:

If you love taking pictures, take a walk to the ancient mountain pastures and lakes, the most striking excursions on the Pale di San Martino. Visit the Lakes of Colbricon, Calaita and Pisorno. Or Civertaghe hut, Tognola and Valcigolera.

Excursions for experts:

Many of the excursions on the Pale di San Martino are extremely simple, but if you want to try something more challenging, you can organize an excursion together with mountain guides, for example at the Refuge Mulaz passing through the Passo delle Farangole, or at Rifugio Velo Madonna passing from Val Canali. You won’t be disappointed.