“Great hotel with a good position in the town, very close to the park/forest. Liked the equipment of kitchenette and balcony with chairs.
Giuseppa Comfortable and supplied with all you need. Excellent cleaning services. Beautiful swimming pool and wellness area. Staff competent and always available to resolve whatever problem. Fantastic location.
Carlo Near the ski lifts, the commercial center, the shopping areas, and the main tourist attractions. The mountains are the reason for my vacation: the Pale di San Martino have a breathless beauty.
Timo Service was good in reception and in even in English. Location was great.

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Summer activities

San Martino di Castrozza is at the center of one of the most beautiful parks in the Dolomiti, the Paneveggio Natural Park.

Twenty thousand hectares of uncontaminated territory and enchanting nature you will love in summer

Discover the flora and fauna of the splendid park.

Enjoy the extraordinary spectacle of Mother Nature. On foot, on bicycle or on mountain bike.

However you wish to explore San Martino, you will return home with the sensation of having lived one of the most beautiful experiences ever!

Following the tracks of the King of the Forest

The “white walls” of the Dolomiti. 39 hectares of frozen land and precipices of porphyries. 24 lakes and wooded areas that never end.

Put your trust in the Aquile—our expert Alpine guides.

They will lead you to discover the best trekking and Nordic walking routes in the Parco di Paneveggio.

See the magical sights and admire the Foresta dei Violini where people say that Stradivari himself came to select the woods for his instruments.

Then see the Sentiero Etnografico del Valnoi where you can discover the legends and history of these magnificent places.

If you are traveling with your children, take them to see all the marmots and squirrels that are in the wooded area. If you are lucky, maybe you will encounter a deer: the King of the Paneveggio Forest.

Adventures on two wheels

If you are a mountain bike lover, at San Martino di Castrozza you will find all you need to enjoy the mountains on two wheels.

At the San Martino Bike Arena you can try the downhill along the meadows and wooded area of the Alpe Tognola, surrounded by fixed emplacements, parabolic curves and trampolines.

If you prefere a bicycle excursion, you might want to venture out on one of the many tours in the area.

There is the tour of the Malghe del Vanoi, the route of the Muse Fedaie or the one in sight of the Pale.

If you are a fan of racing bikes, you must try the sharp u-bends and uphill courses that first bring you to San Martino and then to Passo Rolle, one of the most classic routes known to Italian cycling.

Sliding among the canyons

Do you want to challenge Nature? Then “canyoning” is for you! You will descend among the water flows between the mountains.

River trekking allows you to experience the magical atmosphere of the canyonin complete safety.

Then dive into the water holes filled with pure mountain waters. If you want to pump up your adrenaline, you can try out easy, medium or extreme canyoning.

Extreme canyoning is dedicated to experts of torrent sports.  

Into the Wild

Have you ever asked yourself how you would survive alone in the middle of a forest?

At San Martino di Castrozza you can learn all the survival tricks needed if you ever find yourself in a hostile environment.

Take part in a daily survival course fit for both adults and children.

There are also intermediate and advanced courses to learn how to light a fire, construct a shelter, make tools for survival, and how to orientate yourself in the woods.   

Little Tarzans who grow up

Are your children always on the move? Then bring them to one of our Adventure Parks.

They can participate in open-air activities with elastic bridges, jumps into nets from 14 meters high, Tarzan jumps, moving stirrups and children's cableways.

And for adults, too! The Adventure Parks at San Martino are located at Località i Laghetti where you will be furnished with equipment, safety belts and harnesses.   

Climbing, what a joy

The mountains around San Martino are an epic scenery where you can climb rocks or follow the via ferratas, equipped with fixed steel-wire ropes, rungs or ladders.

For those who love to climb but still lack confidence climbing mountains, there are courses in a gym with artificial mountain scenery.

After some practice sessions, you will be ready to climb the Pale. Discover some of the most famous excursions in the Dolomites: Bolver Lugli at Cimon della Pala, the Velo, Buzzati, the Mesules, the Tridentina and many others.   

Among Alpine huts and cows

In the Valle del Primiero a long time ago there were at least 70 Alpine huts, famous for their production of “botiro di malga” and “malga butter”.

Bring your children to learn about the magical world of the Alpine huts, an experience that they will never forget.

In the Alpine hut they can milk a cow and immediately drink the warm, delicious milk, discover veal, lamb and pork.

Enjoy the abundant selection of sausages and polenta cooked in the open air under the smiling gaze of the mountains.    

Enjoying the company of the lama

Lamas do not just live in the Andes in South America! Here in Trentino you can also find them.

Arrange a trekking excursion with your children accompanied by these splendid animals.

In their knapsacks, the kids can bring snacks and drinks.

These friendly, gentle and curious animals will win over your family.   

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